4 Types of College Essays Every Freshman Will Write

Essay writing is a crucial aspect of a student's life. If you're a prospective student and don't know what to expect, this post will help you. Scroll down below and learn more about the four main types of a college essay that every first-year student will write in college.
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Narrative Essay

This type of college essay is one of the most popular among first-year students. In short, it helps evaluate students' story-telling skills. Also, narrative essays help professors to check English proficiency.
In most cases, narrative essays should be written in the first person. There are no major restrictions. Students should follow the structure and write an interesting story.
An essay should imply up to five paragraphs. If you want to get A+ for your paper, you have to create an engaging story that attracts readers from the first sentences and drives them to read your essay without interruptions.

Persuasive Essay

It is one of the most complicated types of college essays that first-year students write. When students need to get a persuasive essay, they get a topic from a tutor and make a deep dive into it.
Learners have to use strong facts, personal findings, and logic to convince readers to accept a particular point of view. Even if a student doesn't agree with the argument, he has to provide supporting facts.
It helps to gain persuasive skills that are very important in adult life. Presenting a supporting position, a writer should also sound reasoning to assure readers like a pro.

Descriptive Essay

Sometimes, there is no option to share a picture. In such a case, the only option is to describe an item or place by using words. Writing a descriptive essay, a student needs to help readers imagine an object in their mind in more detail while reading a paper.
For instance, if you need to write a descriptive essay on a new car model, you must highlight all the details. You should describe wheels, body, color, interior, bulbs, and perks so that the exact car's image will appear in readers' minds. Writing a descriptive essay, feel free to use colorful sentences and vivid phrases to show, not to tell.

Expository Essays

Expository essays help readers to learn more about a topic. A writer has to avoid personal feelings with emotions and share axioms, facts, and statistics to explain a topic in more detail. The comparison and contrast and the cause and effect are expository essays. Also, you need to avoid writing in first-person to create a top-notch expository essay.

Essay Writing Tips

Writing essays can be challenging if you have zero experience. In case you're a freshman, the tips below will help you deliver top-grade essays.
For starters, always proofread your papers as thoroughly as possible. To get the top grade, you need to deliver an excellent paper that will require zero corrections from a professor. Feel free to use online grammar checkers and hire experts to proofread your essay. The best way is to write a draft and revise it the next day. After refreshing your mind, it will be easier to polish and finalize your essay.
Also, to dive into a picked or assigned topic, you need to get rid of distractions. Feel free to put your smartphone into silent mode and listen to energizing EDM music in your headphones.