The Lost City of Atlantis

Imagine seeing something that is there one day and then the next it's gone. The Lost City of Atlantis might not be so lost after all. It isn't possible that an island can just disappear without anything left over. Atlantis was supposedly an island in the middle of the Atlantic ocean that one day just vanished. What happened to the Lost City of Atlantis? Science has proven a natural disaster made Atlantis disappear.
For 2000 years the so-called "legend" of Atlantis has been passed on from generation to generation. As scientists have been looking on the ocean floor of the Atlantic ocean, they found not even a single trace of some island. All the historians, scientists, and geologists haven't found anything because the island didn't sink after all. It just got destroyed by a tsunami or a volcanic eruption. Shamseer Mambra says," Plato added that the city under the sea should have been somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean. However, no technology so far has revealed any such city on the ocean bed." As Shamseer says no one can find anything at the bottom of the Atlantic ocean because there is nothing to find down there. There is no island of any sort to find because Atlantis never sank.
Now, if you were to look at any map of the world you will see that there is no such island in the middle of the Atlantic. You can't see an island in the Atlantic because it is not at that location anymore. The Lost City is located somewhere along where the Mediterranean Sea lays. Mark Adams of New York Times says," Surprisingly, almost none of them think it sank to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean; indeed, most believe the original Atlantis was hit by a tsunami or other cataclysm and therefore might still be found on the solid ground somewhere around the Mediterranean." Just as Mark says Atlantis could be part of Malta or even the Greek island of Santorini. The Lost city could have been hit by any natural disaster, but that doesn't mean it couldn't have moved. If the island was hit by a natural disaster of some sort, it would have been wiped clean on the surface. When an island is empty and it doesn't have recognizable traits on it, is it considered a new island. Charles Orser of National Geographic says,'"Pick a spot on the map, and someone has said that Atlantis was there."' Exactly what Charles says makes sense because everyone has their own theory but no matter what Atlantis is out there.
Some people might think that Atlantis isn't real and they all ask "How could it move?" The people who think Atlantis isn't real are wrong because Atlantis does exist and it moved because of strike-slip earthquakes. According to USGS one day Los Angeles and San Francisco will be neighboring each other because of strike-slip earthquakes. A strike-slip earthquake is when two plates start to slip and slide past each other and cause things like islands and tectonic plates to move. If it is possible for Los Angeles and San Francisco to one day be neighboring each other, why can't it be possible for the Lost City of Atlantis to move? Because of the plate movements, this proves that it is not impossible for an island or city to move.
What happened to Atlantis? Science has proven a natural disaster made Atlantis disappear because they can't find anything in the ocean, there's nothing on the land, and tectonic plates allow for movement. The Lost City of Atlantis was moved by the tectonic movements of the plates of the plates sliding and rubbing. All the scientists in the world haven't found anything on the Atlantic ocean floor. There is not an island in the middle of the Atlantic ocean, so this could only mean one thing; the city of Atlantis was just moved. The next time you want to doubt the movements of the tectonic plates, maybe you should do your research.
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